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Building an investment portfolio

Building an investment portfolio for a client is a very individual thing. What is important is primarily that the portfolio matches the client's appetite for risk and their goals.

There are many investment opportunities, some funds and securities are more volatile than others; their values can fluctuate dramatically, although some may offer greater rewards than others they may not match the client's risk profile. What is also important to consider is the time frame for the investment. Is it saving for retirement or for a shorter term objective like saving towards children’s education? With each portfolio whatever the goal or attitude to risk what is key to a balanced portfolio is that it has a diversified range of investments across a number of asset classes. Once all of these components are factored in to bring together a diversified portfolio that matches goals and the client's attitude to risk then the investment must be kept current and up to date.

Reviews are an integral part of the service professional Financial Advisers offer to their clients to ensure portfolios do not become stagnant. Some assets will perform better than others at different times which is why it is important to have a diversified portfolio.  Investment opportunities are constantly changing. So regular reviews will ensure that client's make the most of their assets and that their capital continues to grow. All to often this area is neglected but it is one of the most important to ensure portfolios are dynamic and on pace to meet the objectives.

As markets continue to improve and interest rates remain low more and more savers become investors looking for returns that are at least above inflation. If you would like to discuss your financial goals please contact me here.


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